Between the Brittany coasts and the Landais coasts lies a perfect stopover - the port of L'HERBAUDIERE on THE ISLAND OF NOIRMOUTIER.

The recent expansion of the port was an ideal opportunity to establish a successful new look and décor.
A combination of plants and careful lighting lend charm to the esplanade, which adds to this perspective by mixing the rich colours of the fishing port with the traditional whites of the marina.
The staff group makes it their business to offer a warm welcome from within a comprehensive infrastructure that has been updated in line with European norms.  This infrastructure is managed by professionals who possess a talent in modern building and catering techniques, as well as a talent in the more sought after area of traditional know-how. 


Finally, the many and varied shops surrounding the port now guarantee a great atmosphere and richness of life that people appreciate.  The friendly bars and refreshment stalls, along with lots of quality restaurants are as much meeting places as places where good humour and good food go well together.

The visitor can read more information about the facilities in the new port throughout this brochure.


L'Herbaudière will quickly become more than just a stop-over, but a memorable destination for trips and cruises !



Welcome on board at Noirmoutier.
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