Access to the harbour is via a buoyed channel dredged to 1.2 m - 0 on the nautical charts.

Access by day and night in all weather conditions.

The harbour is sheltered from the wind.  

Access by night/entrance lights: aligned at 187.5° from the two sc.b7M lights; Jetty end W(47°01.6N - 002°17.9 W): F.b.v.2o1o.12s (187.5°-B-190°)   

Jetty E, Pier Head: F.2e.r.6s; Cutwater F.e.r.2.5s. 

Access Channel: N°1 and N°3 starboard side buoys: F.e.v.2.5s and F.e.v.2s. 
N°2 portside buoy: F.2sc.r.5s. 

Channel Depth: 1.2 m 



Welcome on board at Noirmoutier.
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